I was drawn to gems and jewelry from an early age.  My grandfather collected geodes and stones on his travels.  My grandmother was an amateur jeweler with obvious artistic talent. An uncle made a profession out of creating modern jewelry.
My own career path took a different turn, toward journalism.  I collected jewelry when I traveled, whether for leisure or for work, and considered it a hobby.
 At a certain point in my life I decided to take my interest a step further by studying gemology 
My first job was in retail, which taught me the importance of building trust.
This is a core value that I intend to continue in a position for a company that would utilize my gemological skills.  Gem buying and quality control both interest me, whether it's for a retail brand or for a wholesaler of gems or finished jewelry.
I'm also interested in representing a brand that either manufactures or retails jewelry in another country.
Having worked in Asia for thirteen years, I know that effective communication goes beyond  language and includes respecting other cultures as well as negotiating them.
My fluency in Chinese and experience there in the news industry has given me a unique perspective and an enduring interest in this dynamic country and consumer market.