My first idea about this website was to incorporate “Lightpath Gems” in the title.
The way we perceive gems depends on how light moves through them, in other words the path the light follows.  Most basic gemological tests measure light interaction in one form or another.
This concept activated my scientific curiosity, and has rewarded me with a deeper appreciation of the minerals, rocks and organic gems that invite us into their beauty.

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Being well dressed includes wearing jewelry that resonates with fashion and also stands out on its own.  
I believe jewelry doesn't have to be expensive, yet it should reveal a choice based on strong design.  A great piece can be understated or bold.
The most interesting jewelry is positively challenging; different from the expected and the better for it.

Journalism/World Affairs

Journalism was my first career.
Including two years earning a master's degree at the University of California-Berkeley School of Journalism, I worked as a reporter for nearly 15 years.
I was based in China, Hong Kong and Indonesia. While working for CNN I spent time in Afghanistan and in Iraq as well.
What it takes to report news quickly, accurately and sometimes under duress is something I will always value. It's important work, and it matters, even in our era of "Fake News."
I follow the New York Times and the PBS NewsHour. I pay attention to other sources as well, but these are my mainstays.


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I had to be taught early how to swim because as a young child I kept jumping into pools before I knew how.
A little older, my father would launch me into the breakers of the Pacific on a raft so that I could learn to navigate waves.
Swimming through water with sunlit rays is my definition of bliss.


I’ve always loved it, whether it was part of my work as a journalist, managing travel abroad trips for university students or just taking a vacation.
Any place that I lived, however temporary,  became a place I wanted to be.
Travel Puerto Rico January 2017


He thinks he’s a prince and that therefore all furniture is part of his domain. His name is Belo and he’s 13!  He is a miniature labradoodle and my little golden anchor.
Belo in Iowa City June 2017