Thoughts on Personalized Jewelry

Well, let’s just say I wish I liked it more. As the millennial equivalent of a charm bracelet, it’s not about the jewelry per se so much as it is about the sentiment. I guess I’m sort of old school, and in any case it’s not about me. It’s about the customer!

Like everything else, you get what you pay for. The top of the line for this category in my experience is Heather B. Moore. The quality is definitely there, and several charms on a chain hang in a graceful cluster. It’s a solid Bo Chic version of family and/or commemorative jewelry.







​Photo Credit: Heather B. Moore catalogue for Spring 2018

The Cleveland based company can replicate handwriting or even a fingerprint on a personalized charm. That “job well done” note about homework from Dad just before he died can now live on metal around one’s neck. If this is your thing, take a look at the Stories  tab on the website to see how creative commemoration can be. There’s a niche here, and HBM has hit the top end of it.

Below is what one sees more commonly in clothing stores that sell inexpensive momento pieces as accessories. Asymmetry has been in for a while, replicated here by the company Kris Nations.

Kris Nations Stud Earrings. Photo by Lisa Rose Weaver. 

It makes sense that accessory jewelry should follow the trend of personalization that defines a lot of fashion. I just wish it was more distinctive, and not so small.

And of course there’s also what I’ll call “cause jewelry”, essentially a badge of support for the right thing. This of course outweighs consideration as to quality or aesthetics, because it’s about acknowledging global events that leave us feeling so helpless that we’re thrilled to buy something to help.

Photo by Lisa Rose Weaver

It would be remiss not to at least mention Pandora , the now global charm company whose retail strategy dovetailed with a tanking U.S. economy. The  result was that relatively inexpensive charms were suddenly everywhere. As a jewelry aesthetic, I personally don’t get the appeal. However, Pandora is ubiquitous for a reason. Read more about that here.

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