The Two Stone Ring Thing


Anza Gems and Wendy Brandes


I could hear groans on the sales floor in the spring of 2015 when our manager told us that two stone rings were a thing. We would have to know where to order them, possibly for overnight delivery.

Wholesaler websites displayed smallish diamonds in nondescript bypass mountings. The pairings represent the love of one’s life as well as best friend.

These are supposedly the same person. Let’s just say at that juncture of my life, I wasn’t buying it. I tapped into an antipathy toward the bliss ever after that the rings represent.

My bad attitude aside, in fact two stones can be a lovely design, especially with larger size stones.

Two stone rings derive from the ultimate in provenance: the Moi et Toi double pear diamond and sapphire ring that Napoleon in 1776 presented to Josephine, who went on to become the empress of France. The ring is gorgeously simple, but the marriage certainly wasn’t. More on that here.

The style also made its way into leading contemporary mid-century jewelry designed by goldsmith and sculptor Frierich Becker.  In Becker’s hands, the concept became aesthetically balanced and stripped of sentiment. The lesson is, look beyond mainstream styles to trace their evolution. By the time a design hits the mainstream price point oriented product, it often looses its original panache.

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