Good Style Doesn’t Have to $$

One of the great things about working in retail is seeing what the vendors bring in. That’s how I discovered  Brooklyn based  Frieda Rothman  It wasn’t a fit for the Midwestern store where I worked, although my colleagues and I loved it.

The pieces are a clever blend of sleek professional crossed with a bohemian vibe that goes well with a variety of clothing styles. Distinctive, polished and affordable.


​14 karat yellow gold plate over silver necklace with bezel set cubic zirconia (Top) 14 karat yellow gold and black rhodium plate over silver necklace with bezel set cubic zirconia (Bottom) All photos taken by Lisa Rose Weaver.

The earrings include classic shapes like the oval hoops as well as edgier trends like ear-climbers or black rhodium plated “C” shaped earrings with cubic zirconia dangles. I find them all to be wearable, professional and easy to mix and match with the Freida Rothman necklaces.


Oval hoops, ear climbers and “C” earrings with cubic zirconia dangles.

​Here’s a look at how the “C” earrings look on the ear. Definitely neat.


I love the attention to detail with the stud earrings. They have large diameter earring backs, called “elephant backs” in the trade, which distribute the pressure evenly and thus makes the earrings sit securely on the earlobe. The clear rubber stopper is a nice backup. You can’t enjoy pieces that you can’t wear, or loose!


Freida Rothman ​stud earrings come with larger backs and a rubber stopper.


I have some solid gold earrings and chains in my jewelry wardrobe, and yet I find myself going to the Freida Rothman pieces over and over. That’s what I call good value.

I have to admit that I have bought Freida Rothman in airports, which is generally a big no no for jewelry purchasing, but a rule which I have violated when it’s worth it!

I once bought some baroque south sea pearls in an Indonesian airport that have a wonderful lustre, and have now been restrung and mixed among beads in a fabulous strand.

FR also has a large collection of rings, including stackers and wide bands. I have not bought any rings because I know that with harder wear, the plating may deteriorate faster. It would be a good quality test, and I’ll probably do it.



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